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The presence of this vibrant Balad market, Gabel Street Souq, which is situated along the Red Sea shore, dates back to the 1950s, and a visit there will undoubtedly make you feel nostalgic. This bustling marketplace with multi-story mud brick and stone structures is reminiscent of the Arabian Nights fairytales and sells everything. With its particular architectural style, numerous monuments, historic mosques, and chain of traditional souks, Gabel Street Souq is believed to evoke the old Jeddah. It is a flourishing multicultural hub that draws locals and visitors searching for a deal. The gold market, Arabic herbs, and spices are its most well-liked items.

It keeps together the city's most well-known street stores, which continue to draw sizable crowds of local shoppers, interested international tourists, and chattering street vendors.

Other than for the beaches and the religion, people travel to Jeddah primarily for shopping. 

  • Many people view it as a shoppers' paradise because it provides a variety of products that would be hard to get elsewhere. Unique goods, unusual antiques, flavorful Middle Eastern spices, and priceless mementos are all readily available in the city at very reasonable costs. In this area of Balad, expensive clothing that is sold at low prices is among the most sought-after goods. 

  • Various landmarks and old mosques line the route of Gabel Street Souq, designed following a specific architectural tradition.

  • You can't possibly visit another city, especially one as exciting and buzzing as Jeddah, and not bring back some gifts for your significant other, your kids, your parents, or even your coworkers from Balad. 

  • It is one of Jeddah's busiest cosmopolitan centers, where locals and visitors compete for the best prices. Electronics, colognes, spices, dates, honey, Bedouin jewelry, Oriental rugs from Pakistan and Afghanistan, home goods, and ornaments are all available.

  • Additionally, a part is dedicated to oil-based perfumery and herbal blends, which are said to be effective in treating local illnesses.

  • Shopping in Balad requires and necessitates haggling. Market visitors typically shouldn't accept the first deal they get. Foreign visitors should learn how to barter like the locals do because it's part of their way of life in the souks.
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Address of Gabel Street Souq

Balad, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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